Searching for electric motors for his liftrucks, one of the company’s founders, Alexander Brown, came across motors designed by Thomas Parker and P. Bedford Elwell and purchased the rights to manufacture the motors in his factory.

The Edexcel certification has given me an edge over others. Giving an opportunity for students like me to pursue Edexcel courses parallel to their regular courses has been very useful.

Historical Accounts
We have collected a number of accounts of Thornbury and the surrounding area at various periods.  Some of these have been sent to us by our readers.  We are always grateful for more!  Read More

These wanderers, and those who are still seen occasionally in the back streets of the metropolis, are said to 'go a-pitching ;' the spot they select for their performance is their 'pitch,' and any interruption of their feats, such as an accident, or the interference of a policeman, is said to 'queer the pitch,'--in other words, to spoil it. [Thomas Frost, "Circus Life and Circus Celebrities," London, 1875]

At Roots Midwifery, the fourth trimester is just as important to us as pregnancy and childbirth. Whether it's processing through emotions, extra lactation help, access to extra physical or emotional support, or random parenting questions, we are here for you.

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